Interlock Stone Sealing in Mississauga, Ontario

Interlock Stone Sealing

Wolf’s Driveway Sealing provides interlock sealcoating on flagstone, stone work, and concrete for clients throughout the greater Missaussaga, Ontario area. If you need your home’s interlock sealcoated call the experts at Wolf’s Driveway Sealing for a free estimate. 


Interlock sealants are coatings applied on flagstone, stone work, and concrete to protect from erosion and aging. They either block the pores in the stone to reduce absorption of water and salts or form an impermeable layer which prevents such materials from passing.

Interlock sealing protects against erosion from rain water and protects the surface against the damage that oils and salts can bring. Sealed concrete and stone keeps surfaces cleaner between washings and repels repels water. 


We typically pressure wash the area before to get rid of weeds. Then the interlock is sealed with a special sand, and hardens that prevents deleveling and splitting. This also locks the weeds out.

elements, prolonging its life and saving you money in the long-term.

We cover the following cities for interlock stone sealing services:

Mississauga, Ontario

Oakville, Ontario

Burlington, Ontario

Milton, Ontario

Brampton, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario

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