Asphalt Sealing in Mississauga, Ontario

Asphalt Sealing

Wolf’s Driveway Sealing provides asphalt sealcoating for residential and commercial clients throughout the greater Missaussaga, Ontario area. Call us first for a free estimate when you need your parking lot or driveway asphalt sealed. With over 15 years combined experience, our team is here to serve you. 


Let’s face it. The weather in Ontario can be harsh. And around here, your asphalt will see a lot of wear and tear from daily use, winters, and the natural aging process. Seal coating can offer cosmetic value, but more so, it is the most effective way to prevent the long-term damage of your asphalt. 


At Wolf’s Driveway Sealing, we use a high quality coal tar based sealer, which is brushed on. Other companies may use oil based products, which don’t last as long. They are cheaper, but evaporate and are not as aesthetically pleasing. 

Coal tar seal coating fills surface voids, reduces the depth to which oil or gas can penetrate the pavement, costing less dollars needed to repair or replace damaged asphalt. The typical sealing treatment will last between 2 and 4 years. 

Wolf’s Driveway Sealing offers a great way to help keep your asphalt looking great for its entire life. Our sealing service will guard your asphalt against the wear and tear and the elements, prolonging its life and saving you money in the long-term.


We cover the following cities for asphalt sealing services:

Mississauga, Ontario

Oakville, Ontario

Burlington, Ontario

Milton, Ontario

Brampton, Ontario

Hamilton, Ontario

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